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Vision and eye health

Astaxanthin is the newest dietary supplement for improved eye health. Various clinical studies have shown that astaxanthin supplementation together with other health improving measures can improve the symptoms linked to Computer Vision Syndrome (also known as the silent pandemic) – dry, tired or watery and aching eyes, blurred vision and neck and shoulder pain.Any tissue that is subjected to light is affected by UV radiation and the photooxidative damage it causes; the retina is especially vulnerable as it contains many polyunsaturated fatty acids.
UV damage is the main cause of two of the most common diseases leading to impaired vision and blindness – age-related macular degeneration and age-related nuclear cataract.Antioxidants fight adverse processes, however, the eye contains only a couple of antioxidants – those that can penetrate the fine blood-retinal barrier, and astaxanthin is one of them. The result – less free radicals are formed due to UV glare and eye inflammation inducers are activated less. This is beneficial not only for the elderly, whose eyes have already seen so much in this life, but also for all the computer users out there.



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