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Astaxanthin improves capillary circulation in the eyes

We have all heard about bilberries, which contain lutein that improves eye health. The antioxidant astaxanthin, which is obtained from microalgae, is much more active.
It is 28 times more powerful in terms of improving vision than the traditional bilberry supplements. The antioxidant astaxanthin has been recognised as an innovation in vision enhancing supplements. Due to its fine molecule it can easily penetrate the retina, where it absorbs the harmful rays of blue light and neutralises free radicals.
Low antioxidant levels and reduced blood flow are the main reasons that can cause disruption of capillary circulation. Circulation in the retina is the very foundation of the internal balance in the eye. Good circulation ensures that the eye is properly supplied with oxygen, waste products are removed and the eye receives nutrients.
After 4 weeks of supplementing astaxanthin (6mg per day) the blood antioxidant level increased significantly and capillary circulation improved in both eyes (n=18). The placebo group showed no change (n=18)8.

8. Nagaki Y., et al. The Effect of Astaxanthin on Retinal Capillary Blood Flow in Normal Volunteers. J Clin Therap Med. 2005;21(5):537-542

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